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5 May 2014 0 admin

Father Goose, The King of the Dance Party, is a proven multi-talented entertainer. “Father Goose” has made his way into the children’s music scene by letting children enjoy nursery sing-alongs while allowing their parents to reminisce about their own childhood melodies. “Father Goose” is featured on all Dan Zanes and Friends successful albums, DVDs and videos. From the Rocket Ship Beach album you can hear his performance of ABC where he makes learning tables fun for kids. On the Grammy Award winning album Catch That Train, he gives sterling performances on two of the hit singles Pata, Pata and Chu Chu Chu Boogie. He also performed on the songs Down in the Valley and Old Joe Clark, on the Grammy nominated album House Party. Now “Father Goose” has his own family CD titled It’s a Bam Bam Diddly!, filled with contagious Caribbean sounds including reggae and mento mixed with energetic vocals and instruments. It’s a party in a CD, which starts in Jamaica and ends in Brooklyn with guest performances from Dan Zanes, Sheryl Crow, Coolie Ranx, Sister Carol and other Caribbean stars. The album has since been awarded by the Parent’s Choice Foundation and its songs like Bam Bam have charted at number one on XM Kids and still remains in rotation along with other favorites Flying Machine and Chi Chi Buddo.

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